Our Services

Would you like to give your current vehicle a new and customized look? Is it about time to repair that drooping headliner or torn carpet in your old car? Look no further: You have come to the right place. Welcome to Audie's Quality Upholstery, we are proud to offer an array of quality products and expert installation while providing friendly, professional service at an affordable and fair price. At Audie's, we offer complete convertible top and interior restorations. We welcome all makes and models and gladly accept most insurance claims.  Audie's Quality Upholstery offers a wide range of services. Our master craftsmen are highly skilled in the following services:     

          • Designing custom interiors   
          • Restoring worn interiors   
          • Replacing convertible tops   
          • Repairing factory leather or fabric interiors   
          • Carpeting   
          • Headliner repair   
          • Restoring classic and special-interest cars   
          • Creating and installing Custom Tailored Seat Covers    
          • Seat upholstery   
          • Vinyl and leather repair   
          • Much more!

Complete Restoration

Audie's Quality automotive interior and upholstery company. Our technicians are equipped to handle any and all of your auto upholstery and restoration needs no matter how large or small. We work on all foreign and domestic automobiles with only the finest quality factory original materials and craftsmanship. Ask us about customizing your seat covers and interior to show off your car's full individualized potential or return it to its original factory look and feel. We handle everything for your complete interior, from carpet, doors, and seat covers to trim, headliner, and dash - all with complete guaranteed satisfaction. We also handle vinyl and leather repair to restore those areas when replacement is not necessary.

Car Upholstery

Restoring a vehicle's interior is an art form, all on its own. Whether you're looking to bring your daily driving car back from the dead, or have a project car that needs a new interior. Try as we may, sometimes it’s just impossible to keep our vehicle's seats from becoming damaged, torn, burned, scuffed, ripped, or otherwise.  But a damaged auto seat is not the end of the world.  In fact, many damaged and torn car and truck seats can be easily repaired. It takes knowledge, experience and the care of a professional trimmer to properly repair leather seats. Not all worn leather seats need to have the entire seat upholstery replaced. At Audie's, we can remove and replace individual sections of worn leather as needed. Audie's can restore your leather interior to showroom condition. Regardless of make and model, Audie's uses the correct leather for your car, sewn to exact specifications and fitted by our craftsmen. Have a new vehicle or one needing a face lift? Audie's has a leather interior for you. Upgrading to leather is more reasonable than ever. It adds value to your car, van or truck. Personalize your ride to make it yours. Two-tone interiors, embroidery and hot new colors are available too. You design it…Audie's can make it happen.

Marine Upholstery

Just like cars, boat interiors can face extreme weather conditions like sun and moisture that cause the upholstery to crack, erode, and even fade away. In fact, your boat’s interior and upholstery will usually be the first thing to fall apart, so maintaining your boat upholstery often will extend the years of enjoyment and worth of your marine vehicle. Because replacement of boat upholstery can be physically hard, you can count on Audie's Quality Upholstery to do the dirty work in a professional manner.  Whether you have a pontoon or speedboat, we can replace your boat seats and match your original upholstery with the same colors as the factory. Choose from a full line of high-quality boat and outdoor top materials for all your boat restoration needs. Our upholstery company returns your boat seat frame, upholstery, and tops back to their original condition with only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Motorcycle Upholstery

Here at Audie's, we customize your motorcycle seat to show off your individuality. This includes modifying your seat foam and upholstery for that personalized look and feel. The last thing any motorcycle owner needs, is an ugly, worn-down, ripped, or uncomfortable seat.  They can turn an otherwise fun ride, into one that's painful, discomforting and downright embarrassing to look at.  If you are tired of riding around on that ugly old worn out motorcycle seat, Audie's Quality Upholstery can help! Don't spend another minute on that old motorcycle seat.  Give your bike the custom edge it deserves, with a new or custom motorcycle seat from Audie's Quality Upholstery.

Seat & Foam repair

After years of use, leather and cloth seats can start to wear in some places. Once the seat has been disassembled we can replace or change the foam and padding density for a softer or firmer feel and/or add custom seat heaters for cloth, leather or vinyl seats. The most common area of wear is on the driver’s seat, which receives the most frequent activity. Most modern car seats are created by combining several different pieces of material or “panels”. Due to this type of design, we can replace only the damaged sections of the seat  using OEM materials (cloth or leather) that is color matched. We stock many common seat fabrics that match late model patterns, and have 24 hour access to seat fabric for 90% of the material manufactured. We can replace individual panels or the entire seat.

Convertible top Repair specialist

Convertible tops require replacement when the material weakens due to UV exposure, rear windows delaminate or fog up, threads unravel. You car starts to look older than its years.  So, when it’s time to replace the top on your convertible, Audie's is the place to go. Our team of experts will install a first-quality original replacement top that looks and operates as good as OEM (original) on any convertible make and model. In addition to providing professional top installation, we can address most convertible frame, weather-strip and hydraulic repairs as well. We can replace worn or damaged rubber, pump motors and cylinders. We fill and bleed systems and even do metal work on broken top frames. We sand blast rusted areas and powder coat your frame to like-new condition. We carry a full line of quality replacement vinyl tops for all foreign and domestic makes and models. We handle all of your top needs quickly and with complete guaranteed satisfaction. Our experienced technicians handle everything for your vinyl tops, from a simple repair to complete replacement.

car headliner / floor / door panel / trunk interior

You've spent so much time customizing your ride, and have taken every possible measure to make your car or truck look as good as new. So why is your interior still stock and unoriginal? At Audie's Quality Upholstery in Reno NV, we can turn that boring factory interior, into a completely customized interior that's ready for shows or the street. If you're ready to turn that ugly or old interior into something you can be proud of, or even looking to enter your vehicle in a local show,Audie's Quality Upholstery can make your vision a reality. We offer the best selection of colors, styles and fabrics, including leather, cloth, neoprene, vinyl and more. Additionally, we can give your vehicle as custom flare all its own, with personalized auto seat embroidery and custom stitching.

RV interior

If your RV (recreational vehicle) needs upholstery repair and/or restoration, give us a call. We have years of experience working with our recreational vehicle customers, helping them repair and restore their recreational vehicles to "like new" condition. Always on-time and on-budget. RV interiors are our specialty; we repair, restore, and renovate all aspects of RV interiors from the floor to the ceiling.

Restaurant Interior

Restaurants, Hotels, Businesses, Fitness centers, Construction vehicles and equipment…  We do all types of commercial upholstery for restaurants, hotels and businesses. We serve the hospitality and entertainment industry with upholstery and refurbishing services for all kinds of projects. We offer quality craftsmanship and understand your needs of getting it done on time and within your budget.

Commercial Interior

If you have commercial furniture that is in need of repair, don't replace it with costly new furniture — simply let us reupholster it to bring it back to looking like new. We can replace the foam or add padding to an existing piece for a firmer or softer feel. Re-upholstering saves money and gives furniture a custom look! You can pick the exact fabric that you want and add special finishing touches to make any piece look truly unique!

Residential Furniture Interior

Whether it’s an antique family heirloom or an outdoor patio set that needs a new look, we will sit down with you to find the perfect material and styling to match your decorating ideas. We recognize and appreciate quality furniture as much as you do. When your furniture needs a repair or a renovation, give us a call. Our expert craftsmen will make sure it is nothing short of perfect, just the way it should be. Also, with an abundant selection of all types of materials, we’re sure to find something perfect for your piece. Audie's handles everything from large business upholstery to contract work for some of the area's largest companies and employees. We also handle individual homeowner furniture and boat upholstery needs including: Kitchen Chairs, Outdoor Furniture, Panel boards, Restaurant Booths, Examination Tables, Dental Chairs, Salon Chairs, And Much More...

Electronic Installation

Modern automotive sound systems and custom speaker modifications have become increasingly sophisticated. When choosing a stereo system, you not only want it to sound amazing, but look amazing too. We use quality components from top manufacturers. When it comes to sounds systems, our installers have the experience to ensure your system sounds as good or better in your car than it did in the showroom. Our certified technicians know how to make the right connections and fine-tune your system for incredible sound.